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Understanding the Cost of Selling a House and What You Can Do

When you’re ready to move on to a living space more suitable to your evolving needs, the cost of selling a house may be one of the last things on your mind. It’s understandable to want to focus on the biggest positive aspect of selling — receiving the infusion of cash that follows immediately after closing. However, what you see is not necessarily what you get in this case. Take a moment to learn about what you should understand about the costs you might incur.

How Much Do You Really Know About the Costs of a Selling a House?

While we all wish the process could be entirely free when we face the prospect of paying to sell a house, there are fees you will encounter. With the right choices, however, you can find a partner who provides house sale prices that can suit your budget and services that support your needs. Some of the costs you’re likely to encounter include:

• Commission. This is the big one — it’s the cut your realtors receive in exchange for access to their assistance and experience. Usually taken as a percentage of the sale price, this will be the biggest cost you incur during the process. At Castlehaven Realtors, we lock you in at an affordable commission so you can take home as much as possible.
• Marketing fees and conveyancer’s costs. More good news: with our team, you’ll never have to pay extra for the cost of marketing the home during the sale process. However, you should prepare to pay any legal fees associated with transferring the home.
• Costs related to preparing your home for sale and for moving out after closing. These are the costs borne exclusively by you — landscaping, painting, storage and so forth can all add up during the time the home is on the market.

Tips for Getting More Value When You Sell Your House

Aside from choosing to work with a team such as Castlehaven Realtors that can help you save on commission, what else can you do to maximise what you receive from a sale? Keep these tips in mind as you prepare to enter the market:

• Set the stage for a buyer to fall in love with your home. Clear away clutter, keep rooms tidy and smelling nice, and allow your home to look its absolute best.
• Take advantage of the opportunity to market your home to the fullest extent possible. With our help, you can reach many of the most effective and modern avenues for marketing, including social media.
• Peg your asking price at a realistic level but leave yourself some room for comfortable negotiations. You don’t want to price your home too high, but you don’t want every offer to be too low, either.

Why Castlehaven Realtors is a Cost Effective Way to Sell a House in Sydney

From our all-inclusive pricing and affordable commissions, we strive to deliver an immense amount of value to our clients. As a result, we’ve helped many people not only sell their properties, but also to find a new place to call home. Some of our realtors have even helped clients through multiple transactions over the years. With a team that treats you like family and a proven track record of success in real estate, why not say hello today?

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