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Selling a home is a major step for most of us. Like all important things, it pays to be prepared.

The sales team at Castlehaven Realtors are able to support clients with reliable and trustworthy advice through the sale process as well as extremely competitive commission rates.

Our independence also means we can offer marketing and advertising packages which meet the specific needs of our clients and their homes — so, if you’re a Castlehaven client you’ve already ticked many of the boxes in terms of making sure your real estate agent is working for you.

There are also some steps owners can take to maximise their home’s sale potential:

  • Keep gardens and lawns neat and well trimmed for a positive first impression.
  • Open blinds and curtains to make your home as light and airy as possible.
  • Ensure all beds are made.
  • Tidy everyday mess.
  • Reduce clutter in all your rooms.
  • Make sure room temperatures are as comfortable as possible. Think about turning air-conditioners on in warm weather or heating on during cooler months.
  • Let Castlehaven agents show your home with ease. Sometimes it’s easier to be out when prospective buyers visit. Loud music, half completed projects spread out on a bedroom floor or a greasy engine reconstruction in the garage can make it difficult for buyers to get the best impression of your home.
  • Fresh flowers from the garden and other pleasant fragrances and colour all help to create a welcoming atmosphere, adding to the positive features your home already has.

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