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Prepare Your Home for Sale in Castle Hill

Embracing the property market and preparing your home for sale in Castle Hill is made more comfortable with the help of our experienced professionals. We are an independent real estate business that has been servicing the area for more than 40 years. Our excellent client-focused service will help you to save on the costs that come with selling a home.

What You Can Expect from Castlehaven Realtors Regarding Costs of Selling a Home in Castle Hill

Our knowledgeable and experienced realtors will help you to minimise the costs involved with selling a home through:

• A free appraisal: You will get an idea of what price your home will sell for on the current market with our free valuation. We can give you professional advice about what improvements you can make to your home, if any, to increase the sale of your property. We compare the value of your home to what is currently on the market and what has been sold recently in your area. Our experience and knowledge will help to ensure that you list your home at a fair price that will see results and not lead to your house remaining on the property market for an extended time.
• Our competitive commission rates: We are an independent real estate company and, therefore, we can tailor our service to help you get the best value for selling your home. You will benefit from our competitive commission rates while our friendly and professional sales team give you excellent tailored service.
• Our marketing and advertising packages: Due to the independent nature of our business, we provide our clients with marketing and advertising packages tailored to their requirements. We meet your specific needs and make the marketing of your home easy so you can enjoy the overall experience.

Tips Regarding Home Appraisal Castle Hill

Consider these tips before getting an appraisal on your home.

• Do the small repairs: If there are any minor repairs, you have been postponing be sure to complete them before the appraisal. You want to make the most of your home’s features and be sure that everything is well maintained and functional.
• Enhance your kerb appeal: How you present the exterior of your home will matter to potential buyers. Therefore, it will have an impact on your appraisal, and you want to ensure to present it to the best standard and enhance your home’s value.
• Get an accurate appraisal: Have a professional appraise your home to ensure that you have a realistic sale price. Selling your home with an unachievable price will lead to your home being on the market for an extended time.

Why Should You Use Castlehaven Realtors?

We are committed to providing a professional and loyal service to the local community. Our trusted realtors live and work in the area and are passionate about helping other families make Castle Hill their home. We offer a competitive commission rate, tailored home marketing packages and free appraisals. When it comes to selling your home, contact us today for a client-focused real estate service.

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