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Want to Sell a House in the Hills District?

If you need to sell your house in the Hills district, you have come to the right place. This area is our turf, and no one has come to grips with it the way we have, nor can anyone perform and achieve results the way we do.

What Sets Castlehaven Apart When You Sell Your House in the Hills District

Have you reached the point of pulling your hair out and shouting, “I can’t sell my house in the Hills district!”? You have? Well hurry on over and let our team of professionals guide you through the property maze in a jiffy. Forty years of experience has taught us more than the usual run of the mill know-how in real estate.

• Calculators: What is the purpose of selling or buying property if you will be worse off than you are now? Avoid financial turmoil by starting this journey off with our helpful calculators, which will calculate the mortgage rate you can expect to repay and what the stamp duties might be.

• Free market appraisal: The ensuing step you should consider, is to have an accurate assessment of your property to ensure that you enter the market with a lucrative buyer’s price, while you pocket a decent profit. Request an evaluation, and our team will contact you to schedule a consultation at a time convenient to you.

• Property Alert: Many property buyers are registered on our website to receive alerts of the real estate we offer for sale, which matches their criteria. Utilise this feature to your advantage and list your home with us to start attracting buyers to your property with minimum effort.

We add value to any real estate experience you have with us. Professional, meticulous and passionate staff members continually exceed your expectations by delivering on promises and keep transactions on track.

Tips for Getting More Value out of the Cost of Selling a House in the Hills District

To fully understand house sale prices in the Hills district, you need to recognise what contributes to the selling price of a property, and what contributes to your costs as the seller? This knowledge will enable you to secure a more substantial profit for yourself.

• Commission: Our commission rate is competitive and affordable. In a deregulated market, commissions are variable and costly.

• Marketing expenses: Keep these costs to a minimum, if not carefully watched, marketing expenses can snowball into an astronomical amount, and it is usually for your account. With us, you have no marketing expenses; we carry the cost.

• Legal Fees: Conveyancers are less costly than solicitors. Our team can advise you in this regard and guide you to service providers who offer exceptional value for money.

Why Castlehaven is Cost-Effective

This independent, family-owned and operated real estate is a cornerstone of the Castle Hill community it serves. We deliver exceptional service and carry the costs of marketing your property all at an affordable commission rate.

We truly are the best, contact us and put us to the test.

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