Christmas cheer your home

As we barrel toward Christmas many will be trimming their home and tree with Christmas cheer. Castlehaven sales expert Vicky Williams is a keen Christmas decorator and says your trimmings don’t always have to be elaborate to make an impact. “When you enter a home and there are decorations that have been collected over years it really gives you a warm feeling. I’d hope anyone selling their home would have a few of these decorations around at this time of year,’’ Vicky said. “Even if you’re not selling it’s great fun and a wonderful tradition within families.” Vicky’s advice is to:

  • Focus on a key room or rooms rather than trying to decorate an entire house if your supply of ornaments is limited. 
  • Buy one or two special items each year and slowly build your collection.
  • Frame those Santa photos and put them up around the home each December. Bright Christmas frames will help bring the festive cheer alive and you’ll enjoy the walk down memory lane. 
  • Be selective with lights. Some families construct a stunning Christmas wonderland but a few well-placed solar, fairy lights can be a hit too.


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