A worry free purchase

When Michael and Kym Holden listed their family home for sale with Castlehaven recently it was with mixed emotions. Not only for leaving their home of 13 years but for the uncertainty selling and purchasing can bring as you try to sell your own property and swap over to something else with meticulous timing.

All this was resolved when they heard about the Castlehaven Hold it till you Sell it offer.

“We wanted to buy a brand new home in North Kellyville. We found our dream property and it’s simply stunning and so much roomier than we ever imagined. But really, what made it possible for us was that Castlehaven took the new home off the market and held it for us with just $1000 deposit until we finalised the sale of our existing home,” Kym said.

“We probably would have missed out on the purchase without that deal so, for us, it has been brilliant. Using the same agent for purchase and sale, plus the amazing hold offer from Castlehaven, really simplified the whole process.” If you’re looking to move from an established home into a new home at North Kellyville talk to us today. Ph: 9634 5222.

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