Gardens frame a home

First impressions last and having your garden, which is the first thing most people see about your home, in top shape is a must for anyone looking to make an impact.

There are some who will thrive on hours of diligent gardening but if you’re strapped for time here are some garden tips that will get your yard in sape so you’re ready to welcome visitors or impress potential buyers. 

  1. Weed. Castlehaven Sales Expert Colin Moss is a keen gardening enthusiast and says nothing looks less inviting or uncared for than a yard teeming with weeds. “You don’t need to have a perfectly landscaped yard – simply cleaning up the weeds will make a huge difference to your home’s presentation and street appeal,” he said.
  2. Inject some colour but keep it simple. Mass us of a low-fuss plant adds moderns style and can update your existing garden.
  3. Clean your paths and drive with a high-pressure hose.
  4. Mulch not only dresses your garden but will help your plants survive the hotter months and save on water.
  5. Consider an update of one or two key items – a new letterbox, cafe table and chairs or garden lights can make the world of difference. “There are many affordable options and if you’re keeping it simple think about trying some of the low-cost solar garden lights. They’ll give your home a lift and won’t break the bank,” Colin said.

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